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My post is about cleaning products you should never mix together under any circumstances . That could be absolutely devastating to the health of you and your family. I’m going over 6 cleaning products combinations you should NEVER mix together.

Safe cleaning products
There are some cleaning products you should never mix together.

Bleach & Vinegar: Creates Chlorine gas

Different types of drain cleaners: Can cause an explosion

Baking Soda & Vinegar: Creates an ineffective cleaning solution.

Bleach & Ammonia: Creates Chloramine gas

Bleach & Rubbing Alcohol: Creates Chloroform

Hydrogen Peroxide & Vinegar: Create Peracetic Acid

The first thing you should never mix together is bleach and vinegar.  Do you remember though Wicked Witch of the West when she was melting, it is because she mixed bleach in vinegar. Mixing bleach and vinegar creates chlorine gas which can cause serious damage to your skin your eyes and when inhaled your throat in your lungs and we’re talking about third-degree burn type damage here very nasty stuff messing around with chlorine, and mixing them together with anything is bad news. Did you know that when you mix diluted hydrochloric acid and chlorine together, it creates mustard gas which was used in World War I to kill people.

The second thing that you should never ever mix together are different types of drain cleaners they can actually cause an explosion. Drain cleaners are very powerful formulas summer acids summer bases. If you mix them together, and definitely cause an explosion.

The third thing you should never ever mix together is vinegar and baking soda. I see people recommending baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning solution all the time. The problem is vinegars is acid and baking soda is a base. If you mix the two together, they cancel each other out rendering you with an ineffective cleaning solution, basically what you’re left with is a bucket of saltwater if you want to mop your floors with a bucket of saltwater.

The next thing you should never ever mix together is bleach and ammonia. Bleach and ammonia when you mix them together, they actually create chloramine gas which if you breathe enough of this stuff in can actually kill you.

The fifth thing you should never mix together is bleach and rubbing alcohol. These two mixed together is actually the recipe for chloroform which if you inhaled enough chloroform it will kill you as well. Chloroform is something you see on movies a lot where somebody will put chloroform on a cloth and they sneak up behind someone then they take the cloth and then cover the person’s breathing passages their nostrils, their mouth and then knocks them out. It’s because in small amounts chloroform will actually knock you out. what happens is when you inhale it, it decreases the oxygen intake.

The last thing you should never mix together is hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. When you mix these two together you actually create something called parasitic acid which there’s no threat of death, third-degree burns or anything it is very corrosive though and can cause a lot of irritation to your skin in your eyes.

In conclusion, the point of this post is there are some cleaning products you should never mix them together because they will defective or even generate toxic fumes because of chemical reactions. Therefore, when doing house cleaning, just follow the instructions from manufacturers in using chemicals

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