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Find answers for your cleaning questions to know more about Gift4mum’s cleaning services

About Cleaning Services

Does Gift4mum Green Cleaning ACT guarantee for a quality service?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We inspect our cleaning work before leaving your house to make sure all the jobs in the checklist have been done

Does Gift4mum Green Cleaning guarantee to get my bond back?

We guarantee all the jobs included in our cleaning checklist and the extras you booked will pass inspection. They are everything you need to get you end of lease cleaning done perfectly before returning the property to the landlord. If you have trouble with something that does not belong to cleaning services, kindly let us know. We could some valuable advice based on our experience

Should we make an appointment before you come to clean?

YES, we prefer to meet you in person before starting cleaning to understand your requirements thoroughly. We also want you to feel that your home will be taken care of by a trusted and capable cleaner.

Do you have a reference?

We gladly give references from our many satisfied clients who are the most closed to your place

Does Gift4mum Green Cleaning ACT supply all cleaning products?

Absolutely! Our teams of expert house cleaners bring everything needed to get your home sparkling!

Do I have to be at home for your visits?

It is really up to you. The majority of our customers prefer to leave a key with us and are not at home when we visit.

What should I do before you arrive?

Please remove any items that may delay our cleaning personnel in the cleaning of your home. This will maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend cleaning your home. Your children are your treasures and for their safety, we ask that they be supervised during our visit. Even though we use environmentally safe products and equipment, we don’t want accidents harming your precious treasures. We know also that your pets are important members of your family so we ask that you secure them for their safety as well as ours. Unfortunately we are not able to clean up after pets. Entry into your home is necessary for us to do our work. We ask that we have access through a key or other prior arrangement that has been made with our office. If you have an alarm, we are happy to disarm it with the alarm code you give us or you have to option to leave the alarm off on cleaning day.

Will you send the same cleaning crew each time?

We make every attempt to send the same cleaning crew, however we may have to switch personnel in the event of an illness or vacation. If we send a substitute, you can be assured that we are sending a skilled, trained technician

Are you okay with pets while working around them?

Yes, we’re proud to be a pet-friendly cleaners. During our on-site visit for the first appointment, we would like to be introduced to your pet. Knowing its name, its character and whether it will be bothered by us working in your house without you being present is important.

If your pet is aggressive in any way, we recommend that you leave him or her outside or in a gated area to ensure the safety of our professional house cleaners. If you don’t plan on being home when we arrive, please let us know how to appropriately handle cleaning around your pet.

How much do your services cost?

We’re proud to be recognized as a provider of affordable, top-quality house cleaning services. Our team works with every homeowner to develop a cleaning plan that’s customized to fit their needs. The costs of our services depend on the size of your home. The quotes and checklist included in our quotes are provided on this website that you can see directly from each cleaning service. However, we prefer to give you an in-home quote after understanding thoroughly your requirements.

Do your house cleaners accept tips?

While tips aren’t expected, we accept them. Some of our clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each service while others provide a large tip at the end of the year. You can also leave a review on our website or Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest pages. We love hearing that our work is appreciated.

What do green cleaning services mean?

Green clean services mean that the way we we do cleaning will minimize negative effects on environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning products, using refilled bottles, safe for septic tank. In addition, green cleaning solutions help create healthier environment for us cleaners and our customers.

How a green cleaning service protects our health better?

The key to protecting our health is that it limits us from unnecessary contacting with harsh and toxic chemicals by:

  • Using safe cleaning products that are free of ammonia, petroleum, low VOCs, do not contain chemicals or flammable.
  • Cleaning solutions used are non-toxic, very gentle for allergies, asthma & skin irritations.
  • Utilize microfiber cloths and pads during our services, rather than paper because microfiber picks up 99% of bacteria while paper only picks up 40%.

Handling Problems and Payment

Is Gift4mum insured and bonded?

Yes, Gift4mum carries full coverage for breakage or damage to home or office and contents that occurs while we’re cleaning. All employees are bonded for your peace of mind.

What happens if Gift4mum’s cleaners have an accident in my home?

An accident or injury in your home during house cleaning time is covered under our workers’ compensation program and does not involve the homeowner’s insurance in any way.

What if I am not happy with the quality?

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. We offer a 24-hour guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your home cleaning, just simply give us a call within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will return to re-clean the area you are dissatisfied with, at no cost to you.

How much is the cancellation fee?

Because we reserve a time solely for you, please make any schedule changes 48 hours before the service to avoid incurring a 50% cleaning fee for cancellation. If our cleaners are already arrived and cannot do the job due to an issue from you, we apply 100% cleaning fee for the cancelation. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I skip or reschedule an appointment?

If you anticipate needing to change an appointment time, ideally, we would like a minimum of 24 hours in advance. We’ll move your visit to another, more convenient time or if you wish, cancel it altogether.

How and when do I pay for my cleaning services?

Payments are due on the day of your scheduled service. Most of our valued customers leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter, but we also accept direct deposit. If you do choose to write us a check, please make it payable to Gift4mum Green Cleaning ACT. The Cleaning invoice will be sent to your email on the same day of your service.

What if my scheduled cleaning service falls on a holiday?

During the event that one of your routine cleanings falls on a holiday, we’ll reach out to you a week in advance. Our team will also remind you of any additional house cleaning services that we can provide you with so you can be prepared for the upcoming holiday. We’ll do our best to work with your schedule.

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