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Carpet cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

Carpet cleaning tips for many households have large carpet areas that need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid allergy sufferers. Carpets need special care and maintenance to avoid the accumulation of dirt and other harmful agents that can affect your health.  Contaminants in a dirty carpet can cause health hazards and problems like respiratory issues and allergies.

The situation can get worse if you’re already suffering from any allergies as the dust mites and mold growth in dirty carpets can degrade your health even more. That’s why it is important to take extra precautions and keep the carpets clean at all times.

Tips to keep the carpet clean for allergy sufferers

Vacuum the carpets regularly
Vacuuming the carpets regularly is essential to maintain healthy carpets. Vacuum cleaning removes the dirt and other contaminants from the surface of the carpets and helps to avoid them from getting accumulated. Depending on the carpet area and other factors like how much dirt is entering the house daily, it is advisable to vacuum the carpets once or twice a week. Also make sure your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter which can capture mites and pollen effectively. And keep changing the HEPA filters regularly as they get less effective over time.

Get your carpets steam cleaned once or twice a year
Even though vacuuming once a twice a week can remove the contaminants from the surface, it is not enough. Carpets should be steam cleaned every once or twice a year to remove all the accumulated dust and contaminants. Steam cleaning also helps in extending the lifespan of your carpet. 

While cleaning the carpets, it is important to focus on the rooms that you spend the most time in, like the bedroom. Regular carpet cleaning in the bedrooms can significantly reduce the contaminants, thereby minimising allergies. If you have pets, clean the places where they spend most of their time.

Common allergens that can be removed by Carpet Cleaning

Dust Mites

Dust mites inhabit the indoor environment, particularly in carpets and other moist areas. They produce allergens that are the most common triggers of asthma

Some symptoms of dust mite allergies are:

  • itchiness
  • sneezing
  • inflamed or infected skin
  • red or watery eyes
  • runny nose

Maintaining clean carpets can reduce the chances of dust mite infestation in your home and should be a part of regular house cleaning.


Mold is a type of fungus commonly found in damp and dark areas in the house. It can grow because of spoiled food or spilled liquids and if your carpets are more humid.

If large quantities of mold are breathed in, it can lead to allergies and other respiratory problems. Dirty carpets and any spillages can increase the chance of mold growth. So, it is important to keep your carpets clean and dry at all times. And get steam cleaning done to remove any mold growth from the carpets.

Pet Dander

This is another problematic allergen for households that have pets. Pet dander is microscopic flecks of dead skin of dogs, cats and other animals with fur or feathers. Dander can stay in the air longer than most allergens and can be transferred in and out of homes easily. So, this can be a problem even if you don’t have pets but your neighbours do. This allergen mainly causes respiratory problems.

To prevent pet allergies when you own any pets, it is advised to not let them rest on your beds and carpets for too long and do frequent carpet steam cleaning.

If you suffer from allergies, it is best to use green, natural cleaning products. These products don’t contain any harsh chemicals that can be irritating.

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